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What is Party Drug Addiction: All You Need To Know

What is Party Drug Addiction: All You Need To Know

Unfortunately, party drug addiction rates in Toronto seem to be going higher every year. Perhaps this is because of our positive predisposition toward partying. This is especially true for those in their teenage and young adult years. Sometimes, you party to unwind. Other times, it’s to enjoy yourself amid the frenzy of a loud bubbling atmosphere.

In the real sense of it, there’s nothing wrong with partying. The issue is drug abuse that has become a fixture at these parties. People take drugs to boost their energy level or get “high”. This trend is one, which has caused a culture of party drug addiction. Continued use of drugs brings about dependence, and when you start to depend on drugs to function, addiction is on its way.

In this article, we expose you to the side effects of party drug addiction. More importantly, we take a look at the common party drugs you should be aware of as well as the best time to seek treatment for abuse.

What is Party Drug Addiction?

Club party drugs may have names that sound attractive, but they are among the most dangerous substances out there. Yet, they keep growing in usage. Many people now feel they cannot make the most of a party without using drugs. This is not only wrong but is also dangerous.

Among others, one major reason these drugs are dangerous is that they come from illegal stores. More so, people use them without any form of prescription. Often, you use the drugs until they get you “high.” Sometimes, illegal manufacturers can even combine cheap substances with these drugs. Things like this are not only harmful to your health but also prevent you from knowing exactly what you take in.

Party drug addiction sets in when you can’t party without these drugs. You realize your mood is off until you take these substances. Slowly, this addiction will move into other parts of your life. In the end, you’ll start feeling the need to use these drugs to even function on your regular days. If you or a loved one are at this point, getting party drug addiction treatment in Toronto is necessary.

Different Types of Party Drugs and Their Side Effects

Various types of party drugs exist. In a way, they are too many to count. You may not know all the types of party drugs that exist. However, knowing the common ones will give an idea of what to avoid. We take you through these drugs and also highlight their side effects.

ECSTACY (people also refer to this as Euphoria, “X”, Love Doves, Radam, Molly, MDMA)

Different Types of Party Drugs
This drug is often abused by young adults. It is a recreational substance that is common in places that do not allow alcohol. Containing enough amphetamines, this drug affects the brain in the same way hallucinogens do.

The production process is often illegal and also done in illegal warehouses. During this process, manufacturers lace the drug with stimulants such as ephedrine and caffeine. This product usually comes in tablet form. Typically, it is designed in a way that makes it look like candy. From terrible addiction to death, the chances of Ecstacy wreaking havoc is high.

Common Effects of Ecstacy

  • This drug causes blood pressure and your heart to move at an increased pace. It also causes sweating, nausea, blurred vision, and vomiting.
  • By creating euphoria, this drug gives excessive energy, which often results in headaches.
  • When the dose is high, it produces paranoia, panic and builds feelings of depression.
  • It creates sleep problems and anxiety as its after-effects. Continued use also causes confusion and weight loss.

ROHYPNOL (also known as pingus, roofies, rophies, roofinol, R2, Mexican Valium)

Rohypnol is the name of the manufacturer of benzodiazepine flunitrazepam, which is a drug that has to do with sedation. Other drugs that relate to this are Xanax or Valium. However, Rohypnol is about ten times stronger than these, making it a dangerous drug.

With Rohypnol, the user starts to behave drunk and may lose consciousness. The drug reaches its maximum effects within two hours, and its effects last for nothing less than eight hours.

Often, users mix it with alcohol to make it stronger. Other times, they snort it as a powder or sprinkle it on marijuana to smoke.

Effects of Rohypnol

  • Causes you to lose control of your muscles
  • Causes a feeling of drowsiness
  • Makes you slur your words
  • It causes disorientation and confusion. It may lead to amnesia.

MDMA (also Molly)

This drug is synthetic. This is one drug that acts as both a stimulant and a hallucinogen. When users take it, their heart rate increases, teeth clench, start to sweat heavily. In terrible cases, body temperature can increase and lead to death.

Effects of MDMD

  • It causes convulsions
  • It creates a feeling of anxiety.
  • It causes paranoia.
  • It causes confusion and, at the latter stage, leads to depression.

Ketamine (also known as Cat Valium, Kit Kat, Special K, Green, Super C)

This drug is primarily used in veterinary clinics as a form of anesthetic. This drug falls under the category of controlled drugs, meaning regulations guide its usage.

Somehow, ketamine still finds its way into clubs and parties across Canada. It often comes in powder or liquid form, which users can snort, inject, or add to cigarettes and alcohol to consume.

Effects of Ketamine

  • It causes nausea.
  • It makes you start hallucinating.
  • It causes your heart to beat at an increased rate.
  • It causes numbness and, at the latter stage, can lead to depression.


GHB, which refers to Gamma-hydroxybutyrate, is also one of the dangerous substances people consume. It is odourless and often comes in liquid forms, which causes users to lose consciousness.

GHB falls under the category of drugs used to numb victims before raping them. This drug is commonly abused by young adults, and when mixed with alcohol, it can put the user in a coma.

Effects of GHB

  • It causes unconsciousness.
  • It creates a feeling of euphoria.
  • It can cause depression.

When Should I seek Treatment for Party Drug Addiction?

The way to know the best time to seek party drug addiction treatment in Toronto is by identifying your dependence level. Party addiction doesn’t just start. It gradually sets in. When you realize your functionalities are dependent on your use of drugs, addiction is setting in, and you need to seek treatment.

It may even be at the early stages. If you are feeling the after-effects of substance use, you should seek treatment. The effects of club drugs can be terrible. So, the earlier, the better.

Final Thoughts

Party drug addiction is a common trend in today’s world. Once you start to engage in the use of drugs at parties, you may be getting close to it. Since these drugs are illegally manufactured, you cannot be sure about what you’re using. These substances can be dangerous to health. In extreme cases, they can cause death.

Over the course of this article, we have been able to highlight the different types of party drugs. More importantly, we have provided information on the best time to seek party addiction treatment.

Here at Addiction Rehab Toronto, we offer first-class party drug addiction treatment in Toronto. Using advanced treatment techniques, we will help you develop the long-term tools necessary for sobriety. Contact us today!

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